“Classroom Management”

Went to the F&OD workshop on 7.28, led by W. Scott Lewis. Very engaging speaker, with no slides or handouts. Organized his talk well, research results alternating with anecdotes. A salient point for me was the idea of sharing a list of student rights and responsibilities at the beginning of the semester — not just a classroom code of conduct, but a complete list of the students’ obligations as well as the instructor’s.

Thinking of doing this as a discussion activity, beginning by asking students to write about a positive and a negative classroom experience and the reasons for each. Then read my list, then make suggestions for additions or modifications, which we can discuss.

Link to website for Lewis’s group NCHERM.


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Cheryl Caesar lived in Paris, Tuscany and Sligo for 25 years; she earned her doctorate in comparative literature at the Sorbonne and taught literature and phonetics. She now teaches writing at Michigan State University. She gives readings locally and has published poems in Writers Resist and The Mark Literary Review; and Poetry Leaves, The Trinity Review, The Mojave River Review and Total Eclipse (forthcoming).
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